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 origin story


       From the Under the Cover of Darkness series, "The First" is the origin story of The First Elemental Guardian & The First Dark Lord of Zabashi.  

The Dark Lord Malice has gathered his demonic followers and led them to take over Mt. Imarcu. His plan was set; he had many originals under his control…Little did he know the one who would be his greatest threat came from his group of tortured and enslaved souls….

 When Malice killed young Qayya's mother right in front of her, it left an imprint on her soul. Many years later after saving a group of women from a terrible demon, Qayya was sentenced to death by Malice. On that dreadful night when he struck her down with a blaze of fire...he never knew it would initiate her powers to becoming his First greatest foe.

Once Qayya learned who she is…she’s now dead set on stopping Malice no matter what, even if the her life!

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