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        Before you read book two make sure you check out, “The First”

 (It’s the origin of The First Elemental Guardian, Qayya &

The First Dark Lord, Malice.)


The second book in the Under the Cover of Darkness Series—follows the new Elemental Guardians on their journey to becoming full deities.

Secrets come to the surface from under the cover of darkness. Now Elemental Guardians, Sasha, Raya, Jade, and Nadia, have been found…they’ve returned to their ancestral home in Zabashi.


Emotions rise to the surface as these deities deal with untold secrets, finding themselves in this new world and their united destiny…bound with one another. They must learn to face their fears, deal with traitors, and control their emotions.

All while learning the line between vengeance & forgiveness…especially after much loss.   

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