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Everyone has a past that they would like to keep buried. And where is the best place to keep secrets hidden? Under the Cover of Darkness. Why? You ask. Simple. Some truths should never see the light.

The world of Zabashi is falling apart, by the Dark Lord Virticus and his elite team of demonic beings. At this rate, the concealed world of Zabashi will no longer exist in the next forty years.

Long ago, a prophecy was told of four mighty Guardians blessed with skills to bend and have complete control over their elements; bringing about the key to stopping the madness that has overtaken Zabashi.

So, what’s the problem?

One: The Guardians vanished to another world when they were babies.

Two: Twenty years have passed. Their location and identities are still unknown.

Three: The Guardians have less than a year to be found, or they won’t receive their full powers needed to save Zabashi.


Four: Well, even heroes have secrets...


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