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About The Author

About The Author

A.K. Barr is a new author, who was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. From an early age, she had the desire to inspire others through stories. At the age of twelve, her  father passed away. He was one of the people who motivated her to focus on what Barr loved the most, creating stories. 

In early 2000, A.K. Barr came up with an idea for the Under the Cover of Darkness Series. One day with the encouragement from her mother, she decided it was time to let others enjoy the same story.  Hopefully it inspires others to find their truth, voice, and to stand up for their beliefs.


Q: SEQUELS??? Will there be a sequel to Under the Cover of Darkness?

A: Yes! Check out the, "The First." It's the origin story of  the first Elemental Guardian, Qayya & the first Dark Lord, Malice (the ancestors of a few main charters from UCD). & Under the Cover of Darkness Zabashi -Book Two!

Q: AUDIO BOOKS? Will UCD come out in audio?

A: Due to many requests...I'm currently working on the audio book for Under the Cover of Darkness. 


Q: Do you only write fantasy? 

A: No. I have a royal, best friend to lover, romance/new adult book coming out in 2022. 

Q: Do you have an e-book available of UCD?

A: Yes, you can purchase online on amazon kindle. (Free on Kindle Unlimited!)

Q: What inspires you to write?

 A: I just always loved to write. Ever since I was little my imagination would run wild... Many characters and stories embraced my life with joy over the years. I create stories that I want to read and share them with others in hope they too enjoy them! :-) 

              BOOK s 
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Growing up, Zaria never knew her parents. No one in her family knew her father’s identity, partly because her mother died during childbirth. Now, seventeen years later, her father walks into her life, and she couldn’t be more thrilled! The only thing is Zaria’s not allowed to tell anyone who her father is—for it would have a significant impact on his country. She cannot even tell her best friend, Xavier, who she had a crush on for years—little does she know Xavier has his own secret. Either way, she’s destined to be royal.

The Book
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Under the Cover of Darkness

              Book One


     Under the Cover of Darkness

                    Book Two



A.K. Barr created a thrilling book full of adventure, friendship, and mystery. I really liked it! You keep connecting with all the characters which is not easy. It is very hard for an author to create empathy between the reader and the characters, but you can expect it in Under The Cover Of Darkness. Also, have you seen the cover? It is stunning.  

I recommend Under The Cover Of Darkness as it is a great fantasy book for us to think about love, friendship, and trust. Four guardians have the mission to restore peace in Zabashi after the ruling of the Dark Lord Virticus. Will they be able to complete the prophecy? I got myself lost in this world and I couldn’t stop reading and wanting to find out more about the story.

Too me this book is a must for this summer. It is easy to read, and the action is well paced. You can expect a roller coaster of emotions. Believe me when I tell you that it is addictive, I have read it in a day!

I have already read Under the Cover of Darkness by A.K. Barr and I got really curious to read her next book, The First as it is a prequel about the First Dark Lord of Zabashi, Malice and The First Elemental Guardian Qayya. I am glad that I have read this book, because it was important for me to know better the characters and understand how this world works.

Barr did an excellent job on this book and the characters are so well written. You can even understand the progression on their personalities and how they grow. It is truly amazing to see this. Not every author does a good job on describing the characters, but you won’t be disappointed here. Qayya is such a badass, she will do everything in her power to stop malice and bring justice to her world. Oh man, I just want to be her friend.

If you have read the first book, then you really need to read The First. Prepare yourself to be amazed and go on a big roller coaster as there is always so much happening. It is the second time that I couldn’t stop reading and when through out the night turning pages. Give it a try, I am sure you will love it!



Five Star Review
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